Pancreas issues, root causes

3rd Chakra– Solar Plexus: Self-empowerment

  • Feelings of judgment
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Low self-esteem
  • Suppressing laughter
  • Incorrect use of ego
  • Feels the joy of living is gone/not allowing joy
  • Ashamed of something you have done

Parkinson’s disease


  • Not understanding a fear you have, which-
  • Stops you from believing in what you do and say
  • Lack of inner communication
  • Wanting full control
  • Fears not being able to control



Pituitary Gland issues, root causes

6th Chakra– Third eye: Self-awareness

  • Continually picturing ill health or sickness
  • Feelings of being a constant recipient of bad luck/ misfortune
  • Not being able to see good in all things

Shoulder problems, root causes

(Our expressive part)  4th Chakra– Heart: Self-love

  • Bearing burdens that don’t belong to you
  • Life is too great a burden to bear
  • Carrying stressful responsibilities
  • Lacking in courage
  • Hunched & Sloped: feels life is a tough struggle
  • Round: feelings of hopeless/ helpless
  • Scoliosis: inability to trust life
  • Right shoulder: relates to financial
  • Left shoulder: relates to family

Heart Problems, root causes

4th Chakra – Heart Self-love

  • Violating the laws of love, knowingly or unknowingly
  • Feelings of compassion or rejection being blocked
  • Feelings of resentment and/ or hurt
  • Not feeling approval from others
  • Upsetting family problems
  • Has a difficult time forgiving (including self)
  • Wanting release from responsibility
  • In a relationship that hurts

Skin Disease, root causes

7th Chakra– Crown: Selflessness

  • Unresolved feelings of irritation
  • Unresolved feelings of criticism
  • Disturbed reactions over trivial things
  • Lack of security
  • Feelings of impatience
  • Feeling bored
  • Feeling unsettled

Hepatitis, root causes

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus: Self-empowerment

  • Not wanting to change
  • Feelings of anger
  • Feelings of fear
  • Feelings of hate

Skin Rashes, root causes

7th Chakra– Crown Selflessness:  2nd Chakra– Sacral: Self-creation

  • Inner conflicts surfacing
  • Someone or something is irritating you
  • Feeling frustrated at not being able to accomplish something

Hypothalamus issues, root causes

– Governs pituitary & pineal gland which in turn governs endocrine system  

5th Chakra– Throat: Self-honesty,  7th Chakra– Crown: Selflessness,  6th Chakra– Third eye: Self-awareness

  • Feelings of rage
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Feelings of displeasure
  • Feelings of sadness
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Feeling restricted in some area of your life

Sore-Throat, root causes

5th Chakra– Throat: Self-honesty

  • Feelings of anger going unexpressed
  • Other negative feelings going unexpressed

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