Venezuela: State Of Disaster

The downfall of Venezuela serves as a modern-day macro tragedy. Once the richest nation in Latin America, Venezuela is now a broken economy enveloped in crime, corruption and hyperinflation.

No Entry – Europe’s Border In Africa

The German and French armed forces, for example, are involved in a range of missions from Afghanistan to North Africa. In a bid to cut costs, some of their core functions have been outsourced to commercial enterprises. But at what price?

Saving Syria’s Seed Bank From War

Scientists from Syria saved over 140,000 types of seed from war. Seeds are intended to help preserve genetic diversity in the future and defy climate change.

Fighting Deforestation On Borneo

Deforestation on Borneo is a huge environmental problem. Illegal logging has destroyed more than 90% of the Borneo’s jungles.

Proof The Shadow Government Exists

There have been over 5000 patents sequestered by the national security state, taken out of the public domain, many of them dealing with free energy technologies. Why was such a sequestering of information necessary? Suppression of new technology would be an obvious play in the idea and strength of a free market system.

Exposing Human Programming

Groomed to becoming consumers, we become unwitting but willing slaves to the Temple of Global Corporatism ... an agenda which serves to suppress our true selves, preventing us from realising who we are and from achieving our full potential.

Mind The Matrix

It is like we have become so mesmerized that we believe that the external world is all there is. We hang on to it for dear life and since we know our resources are finite, fear and greed put us into a constant survival mode.

Advanced Civilization From Africa Hidden For Centuries

Contrary to popular belief, some ancient African civilizations were highly advanced and capable of spectacular engineering accomplishments. Many of these ancient societies built architectural wonders using construction expertise that has stumped civil engineers and historians until recent years.

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