Balancing Duality

Balancing Duality is a fusion of visions and dreams about the nature of dual planes.  It is a narrative that weaves together the fundamental building blocks of our reality.  Much like the pistons inside engines, the acid, and alkaline within batteries, and the positive and negative poles of magnetic fields, duality is the main component in our 3D realm that allows for life cycles and the manifestation of ideas into physical reality.  As much as some of us try to transcend these concepts into a unified state, at times the importance and necessity of a dual existence are lost on us.

Although we are spiritual beings, we inhabit physical bodies which forever remain captive to the forces of nature, essentially, the forces of duality.  Our ancestors have provided us with the key to thrive as multi-dimensional beings on a dual plane, and that key is balance.  The Buddha’s middle path, the caduceus, The Ankh, Kundalini, Shiva, Shakti, and many more ancient symbols and concepts allude to this idea of remaining balanced between opposites.

The key is to balance our masculine and feminine, the sun and the moon, the day and night, the hot and cold, the light and the dark.

The Fire is our masculine spark of life (our internal flame) but without the water (which is the womb), the marine of Mary, our fire engulfs us burning us away.  Likewise, without our burning passion (the Fire), we are engulfed into depths of our spiritual womb.

The other key is to use these opposing forces to create, and creating is what we all do best, be it life, art, and the reality we immerse ourselves within.

Instead of attempting to escape the constraints of polarity and duality, or lose ourselves in constant conflict over what is good and bad, right and left, black or white; we have the choice and opportunity to apply these universal concepts to create a more balanced life for ourselves and thus for the entire planet that we share.

Hakan Artwork

This piece is also an addendum and balancing component to my 2012 artwork “Serpentine Apotheosis.”  This artwork was created in approximately 60 hours of work, created with Photoshop, Painter, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Ultra Fractal and Mandelbulber.

Source – Ambassador Haken

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