Deja Who? Deja You!

The Wisdom of the Day. The mirror is the most difficult item to find in the dream world. If one can be obtained in lucid dreaming you quickly discover night after night you appear as something different. We have multiple realities running and have always maintained the ability to be in several realms at once. This is the way we continue our immortality on physical planes.

God is omniscient and you are beyond gods and titles so what does that give you the ability to do? Because we are multi-dimensional we store every point in life that causes a spike in our energy be it excitement or terror. When we leave this realm in perceived death we see those high points played back to us and in non-linear time we attempt to come back beforehand and make a different choice. Some call this deja vu and premonitions.

The composition of the Mind, Body, and Soul in tandem is that of a time machine, ever had a 10-minute dream that seemed to run the span of a month? Now a new epoch is upon us and we are presented with the option of gathering all “Selfs” and merging them back into the focal point of the “Prime You” to collapse all notions of the end and the beginning which do not exist.

In the event you can accomplish this you will bring a great deal of your power into this world and thus be able to move the currents of life. You will be the force that propels many of the shipwrecked Souls to their restoration and uniqueness. You will run your final orbit but you will not taste death, you will return to the All-Knowing where you are at this very moment waiting for yourself to cease reflecting. We can do this together!
#secretenergy #astralquest #theresistance has always been and will always be on the front line for humanity.

Wholeness and Balance Vibrations!

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Your Name is a Symphony

Our true Name is not just a few syllables given to us at birth but an orchestra of tones emitting from every fiber of our Being. Each moment that Name changes based on our environment, feelings, and people around us. We all play a spectacular symphony together creating unique tones and vibrations that will never be repeated and can only be sampled at the moment. This is why Name is an anagram for Amen, Amen means The Hidden One. There have been intentions to hide who you are since you arrived here, now is the time for you to show your brilliance and shine! You must unify and remain unique, doubt it not.

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How to See the Matrix

The following clip has been taken from the Secret Energy Sovereignty Program. If you like what you’ve heard and you found it inspirational we recommend that you join Ambassador Training.

In addition, if you want to know more about our conscious ecosystem that we are developing you can check us out at and you can see how we are implementing metaphysical technologies to bring greater levels of unity. Wholeness

The Code; All is Self:

The code is not written in a language, it’s written in signs. Once you focus your eye, the signs you start having are true. God, which is you, uses reality as a glove to talk to you, so all plants, animals, electronics, anything, and everything can be a conduit of communication to you from your Higher Self. Your lens needs to be focused.

* The eye, dualism, and illusion:
In the cornea, as you zoom in, is in perfect hexagrams. There’s already a field built over the eye. In occultism, they say there’s a world of illusion, this is how it takes place. You’re not looking from the front of the eye, but from the back of the eye. So in certain tenses, you’re not in yourself, you’re in the projection of yourself. Only 2-3% of people in the world are at the level of getting this knowledge. If you comprehend this it does bring the answer to the question. It’s an energy that gets answered.

We try out these probable futures in our consciousness based on our experience which is our knowledge. We are God’s eye projecting our own realities. Don’t become entangled in the dualism of powerful knowledge. To be a Master, you must be able to transcend the dualistic view that fire is greater than ice when both are actually extremes.

* The film of reality:
The fabric in the film of reality, the skin, is a shiny illusion, a projection made of light. It first starts off as our energy. We are doing this in our minds, we are projecting our energy into a convex spear (our eye), and focusing most of our power into being able to project/see what’s around us. The noise, the distractions around us in daily life are interruptions keeping our “blind” eye from seeing. When you close your eyes there’s even more to think about.

* The Beast/Human Body:
The Beast is a reference to the human body being created from different parts of animals and lifeforms. When we use that body we are living in the form of the beast. We are in a reality where we are acting out our animal side. We are in our animal form. This is how you know, take the body in sections, break it down into smaller parts, match it up to the animal parts and they are identical.

* Be the Joker; Be the Light:
Vibrate above the speed of Light. Get into the top half of the hour glass. The top half is the real half, the bottom half is the by-product. There is no sunset for the sun. The top half is projecting, the bottom half is remembering. They say people that turn back, turn into stone. What this means is keep moving forward, keep raising your vibration, don’t look back into the past for that is the beast. You pay with the pain, take on the parenting role of yourself, know thyself and learn how to take the light. The joker is more powerful than all the gods. Beyond the laughter, in the transitional phase, you reach something so much more beyond. The joker can always crack a joke in any serious situation and change everything. Be free and flexible with joking and serious energies. We build a raft, a safety net when we come together in a balanced way.

* Reincarnation; Let go to get out:
If you want to work with the higher consciousness of your being, work with the lights of your consciousness, those lights are the same lights that are projecting your dreams. When you close your eyes, you see another world. If you are asking “Why am I here?”, it is because you believe in this world so much, this is the one you keep thinking about, so you keep coming back to. When you become wise, you put childish things away. Step back, relax, and stay balanced.

You have to be willing to let it go. If you can always be willing to let it go, you can have it all. But at any point you try to hold it, it builds up on you. Encourage everything around you to be responsible for its energy, keep a high vibration. Don’t deal with time loops. Arguments are division, it pulls you into the past. In this lack of awareness, you’d be arguing with all the projections that you’re creating. And that’s when you know you’re creating if you decide to walk away. If you had the balls to walk away, it’d all be over.

We still remain in ultimate power, with our hand over the killswitch. If you so choose you could leave the body if you wanted to. See the world from the throne of your consciousness. Ultimate power is in the hands of yours truly, which is YOU. You are the jewel, so love and respect yourself.


Veganism: The Path to DNA Activation and Heart Chakra Healing

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations, Tribe!

The word “VEGAN” is catching on with mainstream media. But what does it all mean? What does it mean for those on the Spiritual path of Self-Realization and healing?
In this blog we’ll show you the many types of Veganism and how each one of them is a step further to the previous one in terms of reaching new levels of consciousness, and it’s incredible effects on healing the Heart Chakra through compassion and love.

First we’ll go over the different types of Veganism from “good, better, best” and then we’ll jump right into their effects on Consciousness, Healing the Chakra & the enormous impact it has on our home; Earth.

NOTE: Some types of Veganism may seem “EXTREME” towards you if you aren’t aware of them … do not discard these options if you’re starting your path of self-realization like everything… it’s a process…ok?… let’s begin!  

The Synopsis

There are three basic diets:

  • the carnivorous diet, which includes meat;
  • the herbivorous diet, which excludes meat and focuses on plant-based foods; and
  • the omnivorous diet, which includes both meat and plant-based foods.

We humans are taught that we are omnivores capable of eating both raw and cooked foods, but there is some sleight of hand in this teaching, because we humans also created the process of cooking. This raises the question of how and what humans ate before cooking was discovered.

The practice of veganism provides some answers. Vegans are strict herbivores who make a conscious choice not to consume meat, nor to buy or use products derived from animals.
Vegans take literally the old saying, “You are what you eat, “ which is why they avoid consuming the energies of dead animals.

By contrast, in the world of mass production and consumption of chicken legs and pigs’ feet, people who consume these products often do so without asking how the animals that provided them were slaughtered.

This is especially the case now that the butchering of animals has become a mechanical process that is very different from traditional slaughter methods, such as kosher or halal killings, which are done with “mercy” (if any such death could be considered merciful). Watch this video about halal slaughter and consider for yourself if this method is done with mercy.

In the world of fast food, consumers have been desensitized to not ask themselves, “What am I eating?” when under the influence of the marketing of global fast-food chains. When animals are slaughtered by mechanical means, they die in fear and release toxic chemicals into their bloodstreams which pollute their organs and cannot be washed or cooked away by the consumer. This is why the health-conscious consumer must be aware of this state before they consume animal-based proteins.

Like many people who consider themselves “health-conscious,” many vegans avoid GMO-based foods (in addition to avoiding animal foods), pay close attention to the quality of ingredients, and look out for ingredients like oils, refined salts, and sugars. Being considerate about the sacredness of life, vegans make a conscious choice to find an alternative to animal proteins.

There are two basic types of vegans: raw vegans and vegans who consume cooked foods. In this article, we will examine these two basic types, as well as several other types along a spectrum.

Junk Food Vegans

Junk food vegans are usually people who are transitioning out of eating animal products and finding a balance within their diet. This group will eat foods that are packaged and might not pay too much attention to the types of oils, salts, or preservatives used to create the food.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “OK”

Cooked Food Vegans

This group consumes 65-100% of their food cooked — their diet consists of cooked plants, seeds, nuts, flour, soups, etc. There are some drawbacks to this kind of diet, because consuming cooked foods means consuming denatured enzymes and proteins, and cooking also lowers the chlorophyll content in green vegetables. However, this diet still allows for the quick absorption of nutrients and makes digestion and elimination time faster than they would be on a diet like the Standard American Diet (SAD). Junk food is generally avoided in this diet, and one looks to have a more whole-food, balanced diet.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Good”

Alkaline Vegans

People on this diet avoid acid-forming foods and only consume foods that are alkaline. Historically, this diet has been beneficial in keeping kidney stones from forming and has been known to prevent urinary tract infection from forming. This diet is not the easiest one of the diets, because to maintain it one must constantly test their urine and know the nutritional profile of everything they consume in order to maintain a balanced alkaline pH.

In controlled scientific experiments in which herbivores were fed a meat-based diet, urine analyses indicated that the subjects’ pH levels went from alkaline to acidic. It is known that cancer cells thrive at acidic pH levels, so in order to reverse cancer the key is in reversing the pH. This can be done by monitoring one’s own urine output and maintaining a herbivorous/vegan diet.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Better” 

Raw Food Vegans

This kind of vegan consumes 100% of their food raw. They avoid fried, baked, or boiled foods and only consume live foods whose integrity has not been denatured by heat. Raw foods carry a robust nutritional profile full of enzymes, proteins, minerals, and readily available vitamins.

Those who base their diets on raw food digest and eliminate quicker than those who consume cooked, processed, or animal foods. Digestion exacts a heavy toll on the body’s energy reserves, but the raw vegan has more energy to do other things when they push away from the dinner table. This is because their diet allows them to fulfill the body’s energy requirements more efficiently than most other diets do.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Best” 

Can you believe this is a raw vegan cake? How delicious does this beautiful rainbow of nutritious ingredients look!?

Fruit-Based Vegans (Fruitarians)

Fruit-based vegans are those who base their diet mostly on raw fruits, with a small amounts of leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. People who base their diets on fruits should be encouraged to use supplements because the body burns through the caloric energy of fruits very quickly, which increases hunger. Over-consumption of fruit may cause over-consumption of too much sugar, which can put one at risk of diabetes, protein deficiency, and other nutrient deficiencies. To counteract these risks, the practitioner must perfect a balancing act by using nuts, sprouted seeds, and various supplements.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Adept” 

Veganism and the Light Body

The activated light body needs light-based foods in order to maintain its integrity on the path to awaken higher states of consciousness. Following a vegan lifestyle can significantly aid the seeker along the path, because when toxic foods are avoided, cellular vibrations are allowed to reach a peak.

Language fails to describe this peak state. This lack of words is similar to how a pre-verbal child cannot articulate to an adult how clean it feels until it wets itself. Following a vegan lifestyle allows the seeker to cultivate and enjoy a sense of inner cleanliness that is difficult to convey to those who do not cultivate their diets. In this state, the body has the least amount of acidic and toxic residue left over from digestion and elimination.
A cleansed body and an alkaline diet allows the body to be highly conductive, more oxygenated, better nutrient absorbtion at a cellular level. Hence more awareness, mindfulness present, and allows the soul to express itself through a purified vessel that can work at full potential like it was originally design for.

Benefits of a clean body/diet are, like mentioned above:

  • Highly conductive
  • Expanded awareness
  • Ability to remain balanced instantly
  • Better left and right brain hemisphere communication
  • Stable emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Able to sustain high levels of current/energy
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Full chakra activation
  • Third eye abilities
  • Astral projection

Why Is This Important?

The vegan seeks to live a life that is light in karmic imprint while still participating in a world that is, among other things, desensitized to the mass imprisonment of animals and considers it a normal practice for a growing civilization — from bees colonized in man-made hives to cattle ranches, chicken farms, and the deforestation of the Amazon to house animals for consumption.

Consider these facts: A full-grown cow is more than nine times bigger than a full-grown man. The nutritional profile for milk was altered to grow a being that will reach that size or more. The impacts can be seen with some simple math: take what one cow digests and eliminates and multiply it by the hundreds of cows in one farm, and then multiply that by the number of farms in one country.

You can see how greatly the result contributes to the wide distribution of CO2 emissions on our planet. Science has confirmed that this emission of CO2 outweighs the amount of CO2 that cars emit every year. This makes the rearing and consumption of cattle more damaging to our planet than most of us would like to think. We also need to rethink the implications of jungle deforestation to feed our desires for milk, eggs, and other animal-derived foodstuffs.

In a world of drive-throughs and food delivery services, consumers are inevitably desensitized to the effects of their choice of food — food that they themselves do not have to hunt, kill, and prepare. Also, most people are made ignorant of the amount of food and water that is rationed to feed one cow. This same ration can feed hundreds, or even thousands, of people a year. This reallocation of resources can greatly defuse the global issues of world hunger and deforestation. Each profitable quarterly statement that companies selling animal products report greatly contributes to the deprivation of land, pollution of air and water, and the ongoing deforestation epidemic.

Given the environmental impacts of CO2 emissions, trees are our only hope of balancing out the equation. We have the power to reduce our contribution, financial and otherwise, to the growth of these corporations — which are more interested in profits than in healing our planet — by not patronizing or using their products.

Many of us have adopted our eating habits from our families and other social interactions throughout our lives, but humanity’s original diet stems from a rich, fertile environment where rain and sunshine are abundant.

The secret to the story of human development is in our alignment to our original diet. By aligning our diets closer to this original diet, we align ourselves closer to the universal heartbeat of the Universe. The more we deviate from it, the more we reprogram our DNA to mortal codes that spell “Death Now Active,” versus our birthright of “Deity Now Active.”

The choice is ours to make as we become aware of the choices we have. Due to psychology-based marketing, addictions, and social engineering, the so-called “Standard American Diet” (aptly abbreviated “SAD”) has been widely accepted for so long that we think it is our choice and the best choice for our human design.

Those who “go with the flow” and accept the SAD do not realize how destructive it is to their well-being on the micro-scale and to the well-being of our Mother Earth on the macro-scale. Most people participate in this diet because they accept it as an ingrained cultural practice, while not realizing that it originated in a time when humanity was in a state of environmentally, socially, or politically agitated poverty. A major solution to the health problems caused by diets like the SAD is to replace animal proteins with edible, plant-based proteins such as legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, algae, spirulina, and even mushrooms.


Now that you’ve read this description of veganism, how are you going to put the knowledge into action?

What can you do to reduce your contribution to deforestation and CO2 emissions?

How can making these adjustments enhance your spiritual path and journey of self realization?

Now that you know not only that “you are what you eat,” but what you eat could be eating YOU, what actions could you take to improve your diet, right here and now?

Which one of the vegan diets described can you see yourself actually implementing?

For those who have already been on these diets, how do you feel that these diets have effected your consciousness and ability to stay balanced?

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What is the Mindful App?


Nine years ago I awoke to a world that was nothing like it was portrayed. It seemed the collapse of the towers on 9/11 simultaneously interrupted a frequency that had been projecting a massive illusion. My then present world was blown away and what remained was my unique truth, nothing more, but it was everything. It was not long after I was flying by the seat of my chakras on a riveting adventure into self-awareness and discovery of the energy contained within. I was given a strong dose of truth having a 2-week stint of all of my senses turned on and then shortly after immersed and then swallowed into the jungles of Costa Rica.

Fast forward we are now 2 conscious social networks, 3 radio stations, 2 media channels and thousands of Tribe members later and we’ve got a tried and true blueprint for quantum solutions. We’ve had the pleasure of interacting with thousands of Seekers worldwide spreading wholeness and catalyzing many transformations. Now we a ready to scale to our next stage of mindfulness, the conscious ecosystem.

Over a decade of building soulutions for the resonate collective

More precisely it’s a mindful ecosystem where the value is actually determined by what makes a person different, their uniqueness. Raw difference manifests as a form that seems like an imperfection at first when indeed it is a rare gift. When we are led to realize that what is most rare is synonymously the most valuable, we tap into our hidden truth. Our uniqueness is the fruit that we can tirelessly produce, and it is valuable. When you are powering yourself on your own fuel you become perpetual. So how do we cultivate this fulfillment within someone that has been subject to a reality of distortions?

#Tribe Love

It should be clear that while we are enlisting some of the most advanced mindful technologies of our time to do our metaphysical unification bidding the true advancement is the Tribe. Over the years the social networks developed, The Resistance and Secret Energy became the nest for rare birds who found resonance in the notion that all could be in fact Self.

Original Game Theory

We should first address the elephant in the room. Why will it succeed? Here are the facts. It turns out that Nobel Laurette John Nash, the guy whom they made the movie “A Beautiful Mind” about, highlighted it once more in his Game Theory thesis that in a nutshell, the highest value in a Tribe is the people of that Tribe. This at first seems obvious, yet we live in a world that perpetuates the lie that external items and inanimate objects can be worth more than a human being.

Calculating value was simple for our Ancestors. Each Being that came into this manifestation had a gift waiting to be developed. Each member of the Tribe innerstood the importance of cultivating each new members gift since this was a great asset to the Tribe. Once unlocked all could enjoy this gift in combination with their specialty and this would empower the whole. That is the principle behind the conscious ecosystem and it has not only won a Nobel Prize it is the perfect way to coexist shown to us from the beginning.

We are opening a space to promote the creation of technologies that bring quantum solutions into the average home. Fueling this type of awareness creates a future of unity through harmonic intelligence.

Unique Assets

The Mindful App ecosystem is structured in a way to decipher the metaphysical metrics given by each Seeker and place them into an actionable path explicitly tailored for them to reach peak self-discovery. With meta-algorithmic formulas designed to gauge commitment and a live mentor augmenting accountability, the Seeker can be on the fast track to developing their own Unique Asset.

Unique assets are a synthesis of the Seekers talents presented in a format that allows everyone in the ecosystem an opportunity to acquire it in the marketplace. The Mindful Tribe, mainly our Soul Coaches in Ennealogy are prime on assisting in this development which requires a balancing of all essential aspects of existence. Once this has been achieved the Seeker now has a form of mobile wealth that they can produce in joy that can fund a lifestyle of total exploration.

The Mindful App Ecosystem is formulated from the highest state of harmonic awareness to address the expansion of our existence as a whole.

Buy Pressure

It is a fact that the worlds leading financiers are in such a position due to their ability to stick together. Nothing more. There is not some extreme talent or spiritual ability that cannot be quickly usurped by the standard class citizen in possession of their uniqueness. Because of this, we place an extreme emphasis on Unity being the ultimate ally against failure. Enhancing our system with advanced communication tools designed from the core to solve disputes and promote non-judgment produces a full spectrum experience. This is an ecosystem of those that allow their energetic exchanges, including those of a financial type, to be with those in their Tribe. Current will rise exponentially among them and everyone involved becomes wealthy because endless wealth starts with a strong connection. This phenomenon is also the onset of buy pressure.

You have noticed the phenomena of large crowds or the diffusion of innovation. After early adoption, large majorities begin to participate when something trends. When this happens in the realm of finances, the benefits expand far beyond simple fads. Cryptocurrency was a great example of this. We can all agree the financial ramifications of what cryptocurrency “was” going to do in the last few years was stifled by the fear of multiple institutions who by fact were not prepared to deal with a new far more versatile energetic rival.

Since that remains the case, the industry itself remains stagnate and thus prone to the disease of thievery. Current must stay on the move, or it will be plundered even if it is trustless and fraudless. Armed with this knowledge and experience, we have proof however that when we all resonate with something, as many average people did during the crypto boom, a value is created that moves people away from other energetic systems that do not allow such freedom and fluidity.

The Mindful App Protocol is not a cryptocurrency, you could say it is beyond crypto. We have gateways that host all forms of energetic protocols that do not overlap where the laws prohibit. This fluidity allows us to be a bridge aiding Seekers across the globe. As the ecosystem grows larger simple but vital items such as toothpaste and soaps along with complex skill-based mentorships and courses are produced by Tribe members spreading their fruits. This is only the beginning.

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