Its Water Day: Here’s How to Make the Best Water


We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat,” but have you ever heard “You are what you drink?” While eating nutrient-dense foods plays a big role in our health, we cannot forget that the water we consume has a high level of importance. Many would argue that what water we drink is just important as the healthy food we should eat, perhaps even more important. For those with a thirst for innerstanding Self through the elements, this water blog is perfect for you.

We all know that water is critical for human survival. What is not often talked about is what kind of water we are consuming. Water is the most abundant resource on the planet, but how much is drinkable? Earth’s water is 3% freshwater and 1% drinkable water, which comes in the form of bottled water, well water, and tap water.

Sevan Bomar, a water connoisseur, has done thorough research and tests to determine if what is considered “drinkable” water is actually so. The results we will be sharing today are hard to swallow, literally. In the video below he has provided a comprehensive video on how we can make some of the purest water, straight from home, while being frugal… a huge sovereign remedy for upgrading our vessel.

Why Is This Important?

If you have been drinking tap water, well water, or bottled water up until now and you’re still in good health, you may be wondering what the importance of learning to make your own water is. After all, you’ve made it to where you are now drinking the water you’ve been drinking, so why change?

The two most important things for our survival are clear to the human eye — air and water. As you can see in this picture, just because the water you drink is clear to the eye doesn’t mean that it is just water you’re drinking.

What you’re looking at is the inside of a water distiller that has had tap water run through it. The water distiller will bring the water to a boil and the condensation will go through a filter. What’s left behind is hundreds, if not thousands, of different substances — fluoride, chloride, viruses, insecticides, herbicides such as glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup), and inorganic minerals from synthetic fertilizers. When these are present in water, the water is called “hard water.”

The body is not capable of breaking down these dense pollutants, so they build up in the body over time, causing problems like a shut-down immune system, calcified organs, and blockages in the lymphatic system. When a person drinks “hard water,” they are not able to get hydrated on a cellular level because the absorption rate is so low.

As seen in this picture, pollutants destroy the perfected structure of water. As in architecture, when the structure is not sound, the entire framework and network do not run properly.

Our body is 70% water, so imagine where your energy would be if you were to get rid of this pollution in the water and then re-structure it!

Okay, so hopefully now you can innerstand why this is important that we are in the know about not only how to purify our water of the pollutants, but also structure and enhance it.

This is especially important now, as we are hearing more and more stories of whole cities having their water sources becoming highly toxic — for example, the Flint Michigan water crisis. This is not to mention it is estimated that the global demand for water will increase by 50% by 2030.


Distilled water is the purest water we have found for the price, but if you find yourself not being able to purchase a water distiller, no need to worry. Reverse osmosis water is another great alternative, rather than tap or bottled. Reverse osmosis machines can be found in many places, Safeway, Whole Foods, Local Super Markets, etc. Putting your water in a glass vessel is always recommended. By even saying positive things to our water, it can enhance and perfect the structure, providing deeper hydration. Many have survived without love, but none have survived without water!  

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Have you been following up on theories about the best kinds of water to consume, water purification methods, or news items about water quality, water crises, or the global water supply? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Do you have your own best practices around water that you would like to share or alternative explanations about the best kind of water to drink?

We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments!

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The times we are in along with the energy coming across is a sheer sign that we are speeding into the greatest event of our existence. Rather than flying by the seat of my pants bewildered, I set out to find Tribe and get us geared up for our advent into total awareness. Spirituality is just that, the study of Spirits. I feel real information about the spirit world is extremely rare due to the overall agenda of hiding the existence of another lifeform here with us that is also intelligent and makes plans. It’s my pleasure to deliver this deep dive into cracking through the Matrix and gripping the empowerment that comes when you accept the grandness of our existence.

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Is the Mandela Effect Caused by Sumerian Me’s


The Synopsis

As we continue to raise our frequency and unveil the mysteries of the cosmos, we are experiencing increasing instances of the reality proving to be more malleable than we were taught. One instance of this malleability that has recently hit the mainstream media channels is “the Mandela effect.” It was named after the possibility that Nelson Mandela had died in prison in 1985 in a previous reality, whereas in our current timeline he was released from prison and even went on to serve as the country’s president, dying far later in 2013.  

JFK Assassination: 4 seats or 6 seats?

Such phenomena have been termed “residue,” describing the remnants from the old reality/timeline overlapping with the current one.  

The question would then be: Can entire realities be shifted, and how would this be accomplished?

The reportedly most ancient civilization known to man, the Sumerians, greatly and fundamentally influenced our modern society, pioneering concepts and producing inventions essential to modern life,  such as the wheel, one of the first writing systems (cuneiform), the calendar, the sexagesimal method of measurement, craft beer, sailboats, musical instruments, the first contracts, and the list goes on. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of their culture is the me (pronounced “MAY”).  A me is a physical and/or etheric object that has the power to affect the fundamental structures of reality, ranging from kingship, shepherdship, truth, sexual intercourse, music, and hero-ship to falsehood, fear, terror, weariness, judgment, and a long list of others. It’s described as a divine power or divine ordinance, a bridge between gods and humans.

Evidence of Inanna’s role concerning Me’s:

In a poem quoted below, one of the most famous stories involving me’s, Inanna-Ishtar obtains them from En.Ki and moves them from Eridu to Uruk, thereby transferring major sources of power from the former city to the latter. The mes she made off with included power, heroism, righteousness, plundering of cities, kindness, a craft of the scribe, craft of the builder, and many others.  

From this story, can we assume that mes could have fallen into the hands of those who currently manipulate our reality in ways that have been greatly obscured up until now?  

Is it a coincidence that these mes seem to affect the same segments of life that seem to be affected by the Mandela Effect — and that these two phenomena even have the same initials?

Why Is This Important?

If there is a way for a group of people or a culture to change and manipulate the reality right underneath our noses, this would be incredibly important knowledge to bring into our awareness.  It would also help explain why the so-called controllers are able to continuously keep us veiled. Increasing our awareness of the activities of this group will better equip us for making decisions moving forward.


Have you been following up on stories about the Mandela Effect, or have you experienced it yourself?  If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Don’t believe Sumerian me’s might be the cause of Mandela Effects and have an alternative explanation?  

We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!


Here’s a video about the Mandela effect being caused by me’s:

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Vector Travel and the Cosmic Clock


It’s all symbolic. Those who travel to the “vectors” or crossing points on the Torus field called “stargates” are the “time travelers”. 

Where these points converge “life i.e. planets” can be found. It’s not complex unless you have been dumbed down.

This means the Torus field is simultaneously a map as I keep saying. The ancient technology that still exists and is in use allows one to travel through these planes and dimensions with something as simple as a watch that phases the body in and out of the fields.

This is why some of them are called “Watchers”. This is also why you see a lot of time travel motifs around this type of knowledge because to be able to control your vibration allows you to phase in and out of various points in time. Time is Frequency! Facts!

I’m building one right now since the directions to this stuff has already been revealed inside of us and in the Planet we stand on.

That’s why I was saying let us not get too distracted and lose our ability to be Creators and re-Inventors.

You can win my latest creation The Cosmic Clock by referring friends and family to join us in helping to create the world’s first conscious ecosystem and Mindful App.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

We like to say, “If you don’t see the portal, be the portal!”


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The Four Deadly Foods

In today’s world of over-supply and over-demand, most corporations are driven by the desire to make profits for their shareholders, not for the health of the consumer. What the customer receives is a beautiful package, created to invoke a sense of purity, while the content within is filled with ingredients that are far from pure. There is a step that is usually missed by consumers that should not be missed: knowing about the four deadly foods and why they should be avoided.

The Culprits

1. Dairy

The cow of today is not the cow of yesterday. Today’s black-and-white cow that we see advertised in the United States is a hybrid of the original cow.

And this is only the beginning of the genetic disconnection within human consumption.

The cows’ natural diet is being substituted with genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) because there are so many cows raised in ranches that they consume grass faster than nature can grow it.

During the olden days, men would use their hands to squeeze the milk from the cow — but those days are gone. The demand is to supply a multitude of humans who have been sold the chemical within milk which sends a signal to the calf to return to its mother.

Machines are squeezing the cows’ mammary glands at such a rate that they start to tear the gland’s inner tissue, which triggers the normal healing process of inflammation within the cow and causes pus to leak into the milk.

What’s more, the process of pasteurization does not eliminate all the pus that is leaked into this end-product — as it sits on the shelves in a package alluding to purity.

Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), a hormone that is responsible for growing healthy bones and tissues, is found in dairy. This hormone is what makes a calf weighing 60 lbs. grow to 600 lbs. within the span of 6 months.

Since dairy products cause IGF-1 levels in humans to increase, consumption of it sounds good for growth — however, it also increases the growth of cancerous cells, as well as healthy cells.

2. Bread

Most ingredients in bread are acidic to the human body. With loads of preservatives and chemicals that most people don’t know how to pronounce, eating bread can create a cascade of digestive and absorption issues within the body.

The modern milling, cultivation, and harvesting techniques of most grains grown in America have been impacted by genetic engineering of some sort.

Alteration of the genetic sequences created by this mechanical style of engineering disrupts the original algorithm nature has configured in the cells that are responsible for digesting and processing the genetic codes within the digested end-product.

This disruption opens the doors to rapid cell growth, which promotes cancerous growth. Instead of the body being fed, cancerous cells are fed.

3. Soy

Hormones are secreted from the ductus gland, which operates according to its own natural clock to secrete various hormones into the blood. The slightest change in hormonal levels can cause an intense overall change in the body.

Men especially usually experience serious effects when their hormonal levels drastically change. Soy consumption can decrease testosterone levels while increasing estrogen release levels.

Higher levels of estrogen disturb men’s natural hormonal balance. Testosterone serves a major role in sex drive and is also responsible for bone and muscle growth, stabilizing mood changes, boosting energy, increasing semen production, red blood cell production, and proper fat distribution.

Nature created men to have more of these hormones than women so they can have the energy, or the aggressiveness, to protect their partners and offspring. However, a diet high in estrogen decreases this aggression, causing men to be more like the partner whom they are supposed to protect.

Gender preference is also confused when the levels of estrogen being secreted within a man approach the levels in his natural mate. This explains the rise in phenomena like homosexuality.

Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is also known to be abundant in dairy products. Soy consumption, however, delivers to the body double the amount of IGF-1 that dairy does.

Soy is a super-hybrid, created in China to feed the people during times of extreme poverty. A study published in 2003 that tested the protein in soy showed that IGF-1 levels were 69% higher in soy than in milk.

4. Sauce

When going out to a restaurant, when we finally receive our meal, we usually like the added sauces. The sweet and sour, the spicy and the creamy.

When we’re hungry, the aroma of the meal blinds the third eye, preventing us from asking the most important questions about the meal: “How did the restaurant cooks make this meal? What kind of salt, what kind of sugar did they use? What are all these chemicals?”

The truth is that “secret sauce” just might be the kryptonite in your diet sending your alkaline levels to the dumps. All this spells bad news for a body that wants to remain highly conductive and free of toxins and contaminants. In addition, many health issues — especially those related to breathing — have been noted to all stem from a bad diet and the consumption of over-processed, chemical-laden, acidic foods.

Have you been following up on the latest news about foods to avoid? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found. 

Would you like to know something specific about this subject? Let us know in the comments, and someone deep-diving into this topic will leave a response.

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Star Forts or Ancient Power Stations

The Synopsis

Hundreds of beautiful buildings known as star forts adorn our planet like jewelry. In today’s curriculum, these magnificent star forts are rarely, if ever, brought up. The hush-hush around these antiquities has many people questioning their true history.

In 1520, star forts were employed by the famous Michelangelo in the defensive earthworks of Florence and refined in the 16th century by Baldassare Peruzzi and Vincenzo Scamozzi. The design spread out of Italy in the 1530s and 1540s and was employed heavily throughout Europe for the following three centuries.  

Michelangelo’s Drawings for the Fortifications of Florence

A star fort is also known as a “bastion fort” or trace italienne. It is a fortification in a style that evolved during the age of gunpowder when the canon came to dominate the battlefield in the mid-15th century in Italy. The star fort’s sharp angles helped to eliminate “dead zones” — areas that could not be fired upon due to the angle of the fort’s rounded towers, thus allowing the enemy to undermine the castle walls. Mainstream historians assure us that the forts’ peculiar shape helped the people in charge of them to cover the “dead zones” for protection during battles.  

There is no doubt that these star forts were used to fight battles, but that doesn’t mean that the star fort design was evolved specifically for military purposes. Many of these star forts, as you will see, are actually left completely open for enemies to enter. In the NEWEARTH documentary below, you will see how probable it is that these forts originally had a different purpose.

Why Is This Important?

It can be hard to know who to trust because of all the disputes and suspicions in the educational system, politics, and world history. Being able to discern the truth is a powerful virtue in this age of information.

We feel it is important to question the purpose of the star forts because there is a lot to be learned from these massive structures.

Some very evolved technology would have been needed to execute the comprehensive anatomy and design of these forts. They can be found in over 37 countries — America, South Africa, Japan, and Germany, to mention just a few.  

Although the star-shaped forts are dispersed worldwide and were built over centuries, the architectural features are so similar that they appear as if they could have been designed by a single engineer.

As visually pleasing as the forts are, however, much of their structure is out of sight. Approximately 50% of the star forts’ structures are underground, and many times they include mazes of tunnels.

Considering the hundreds (possibly thousands) of star forts around the world, in conjunction with their similar shape and form, it begs the question: Beyond the aspects of defense, could there have been a cosmic or stellar symbolic significance to these ancient structures?

The star forts’ locations on hallowed ground underscore their possible symbolic significance, because these places either were, or would become scenes of survival, death, and the afterlife!

The true purpose and technology behind these impressive erections are worth questioning as they may provide solutions to the problems of today.


Have you been following up on info about star forts? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Be sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues via social media and get them in the Gno.

Would you like to know something specific about this subject? Let us know in the comments and someone deep-diving into this topic will leave a response.

Do you know anything about some historical occurrence that directly connects with star forts? If so, let us know about it in the comments!


Here are a couple more fascinating videos of star forts… or could they also have been ancient power stations


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The Cosmic Clock Reveals Our Deep Past and Near Future

The Synopsis

We are on a 168,000-year journey into our own existence, our time capsule, our home, our Consciousness. This video reveals the Cosmic Cycles of Space, Time, and Matter — of the past, present, and future — in a synthesis of the syncretic research of scriptures, technologies, holy books, science, cosmology, our observable reality, and inner-standing.

Martin Kenny delivers an overview of the electromagnetic “Cosmic Egg” Universe — its ages, realms, and civilizations. He shares a culmination of knowledge of ancient sources and civilizations from across the world, who All knew that time operates in cycles.

Martin tells the cosmic story of a semi-ethereal master root race, the Polarians, and the creation of the Universe from the Center of Earth, Mt. Meru, where earth and heaven meet. From this electromagnetic cosmic-egg creation are birthed 4 concentric rings, 4 Physical Earthly Realms, and 4 Root Races: Hyperboreans ~ Lemurians ~ Atlantians ~ Aryans 

Think about it: all of creation is the spokes on The Cosmic Wheel, turning the 6,000-year timeline of this realm that we currently exist in.

To Sovereignty 2020 and beyond…

How does this information resonate with you? Is it difficult to believe that the majority of what we have been taught has been a deliberate obscuring of the truth? Do you believe the Cosmic Clock, known by ancient civilizations and ancestors, is the true design of the Universe?

In this video, researcher Martin Kenny gives a detailed description of the design of the Comic Clock, such as Epochs (24,000 years for a full cycle), the 12 months of the year, the 12 zodiac signs. the 4 seasons — 4 ages, 4 eras, 4 civilizations, 4 root races, etc.


Why Is This Important?

Do you ever wonder Who or What are we? Where are we? When and how did we get here… and have we been here before? What are we doing, and why are we here? How did all this life begin… and where are we going? If these questions and answers are important in your experience, then these videos will take you deeper into that Connection.


Have you been following up on the Flat Earth Universe videos? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Be sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues via social media and get them in the Gno.

Would you like to know something specific about the Cosmic Clock? Let us know in the comments and someone deep-diving into this topic will leave a response.

Do you know about some historical occurrence that directly connects with the Cosmic Clock? If so, let us know about it in the comments.

Don’t believe any of this is true and have an alternative explanation? We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!

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Tartaria: The Most Hated Bird

The Synopsis

Many maps of the past few centuries depict a large country called Tartaria, yet this country is never mentioned in the history classroom. Why should such a large land mass be ignored in the common curriculum? Is the historical silence around Tartaria an inexplicable mystery, or could it be a cover-up of humanity’s genuine history?

Similarities between Tartarian, ancient Sumerian, and contemporary cultural imagery suggest deep links between these cultures and present-day centers of power. For example, mentions of an ancient mythical creature known as the griffin appear repeatedly in Sumerian mythology. The griffin also appears on the Tartarian flag and on many other well-known contemporary cultural artifacts, such as the British royal seal, the Masonic seal, the flags of many nations, and statuary in the Vatican and in Washington, D.C.  The eagle, symbol of America, can be seen in the griffin.

Here is a video explaining the connections between the Sumerians, Scythians, Tartarians, and contemporary culture:

The Scythians, the society that preceded the Tartarians, made gold adornments, one of which shows a double-helical structure, reminiscent of DNA or “the tree of life.” We also see this structure in Sumerian art, and we know that the Sumerians were ancient purveyors of genetic manipulation.

These connections raise more questions: Was the nation of Tartaria a development of the ancient Sumerian Empire and their gods, the Anunnaki? More importantly, did Tartarian society promote the Anunnaki’s project of human enslavement? In other words, was it the first NWO — the ancient prototype of the “one nation, under God, indivisible” that children pledge allegiance to today in classrooms all over the US?

A map showing that Tartary did exist.

Why Is This Important?

Besides the well-touted issue of educational indoctrination, the issue of humanity’s lost history concerns our children in a deeper way — and this is not some tear-jerker, bleeding-heart appeal.

Our children are our seeds, the carriers of ancestral memories housed in the DNA. And if that genetic material has been manipulated for thousands of years — as the image of the tree of life/double helix in some pieces of Sumerian art suggests — then some serious untangling and repairing needs to be done, and on the double.

What’s more, the remembering of Tartaria points up the fact that vast tracts of humanity’s history have been wiped blank over the millennia — and the loss of our memories means the loss of our original power as divine beings.

Knowing is half the battle, so spreading this information is crucial — see engagements below.

Here is a video about the mystery of Tartaria in connection with some amazing historical manipulation:


Have you been following up on Tartaria stories? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Do you know about some historical occurrence that directly connects with Tartaria? If so, let us know about it in the comments.

Don’t believe any of this is true and have an alternative explanation? We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!

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