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Wars, Symbols and Kings

Before the deluge, the Kings were appointed based on their activities and attainments.

In every culture (especially the ancient cultures) the position of King was achieved by one who could continue to deliver the knowledge and direction needed for large tribal communities.

Such directive required trust from their tribe.

The word ‘King’ is a Germanic word, but in going back to the Tamil we see the king was based on spiritual attainment.

Real Kings were Siddhas who had attained their Siddhis (powers).

Before the Deluge, everybody was on the Spiritual System – so the people they have as their leaders were the ones who had achieved at least the stage of being White (see picture); as in Brahm, meaning pure and without ignorance.

The above image shows a stepped system of spiritual attainment and whoever reaches the top (not a competition) must practice extreme aesthetics to be there.  Attempting to become the “highest” Siddha to become King, will not happen.

Anybody who has knowledge of these powers and astral travels knows that they shut off when attempting to do things of this nature.

This title was not a divine birthright one earned because their father was king.  It was something one needed to obtain spiritually.

Now, the modern time doesn’t reflect this because we have surrogate kings and surrogate queens.  Innerstand from any type of geopolitical or historical perspective, after an event like The Deluge (or any type of chaos and destruction) it leaves a power vacuum

In talking about power, it can be an internalized process involving one’s chakras, or it could be the externalized version of it.

After any deluge or war-like chaos ensues, one must remember that certain things happen…

The Victors write history.

There were no telephones, computers, or similar devices to communicate at great length – an entire nation could be disposed of and surrounding nations not even be aware of it… They may actually think they’re still communicating with the leaders and kings of that nation through the Signet Rings – the actual seals and symbols that represent the culture.

This symbol that you’re seeing is actually a symbol belonging to the king Murugan.

We’re going to have more on this in upcoming Keymakers, disclosing all of what’s happened, the individuals involved, and how the knowledge in dealing with symbolism got tarnished.

So, who are these leaders and kings post deluge?

After the Deluge, anyone could really become a king because everybody was trying to regroup.

There were some Kings that survived (and that’s another conversation) but we also have some Kings that became King because they could fight wars well or had knowledge about things like regenerative forestry.  Maybe it was just a simple cow herder, but he survived and is now able to use this knowledge that he already had.

Presently at this point, we have a lot of self-appointed kings after the Deluge… for reasons other than their Spiritual Attainment.



A Deluge State of Mind

Deluge happens now.

What’s being shown geologically is that different parts of the world go into deluge states a lot faster than people think.

Science has these exhausted numbers, physics has these exhausted numbers… over five trillion years – and they do that on purpose because once you hear those numbers, the last thing you think about is it happening during your lifetime.

One of the most important things is to remember that these cataclysms that happen to different parts of Earth occur as frequently as every 300 years, every 500 years… not every 50,000 years.

Deluges take place now – so it’s not uncommon for an entire place to be underwater if certain geological changes happen.  It happens all the time, and there needs to be recovery after – it’s good that the world is developed in other areas, so recovery happens faster.  Technologies are in place, preserved in other areas, and able to be brought in to fix situations.

When something like this happened back in the day, everybody just needed to leave.

This is like a Katrina situation.

Everybody leaves until the water sinks, and then some people that know about irrigation get in there to change up the area, so it can be inhabited again – but it remains mostly desolate.

If it goes under the ocean altogether, then we never even know that that civilization existed, unless a diver goes down there and discovers it…

The people who left Katrina, they had to start all over again. When you have to start all over again, maybe someone that’s a little bit further along can take advantage of you.  Your kind of living in someone else’s house after that.

When a deluge happens, even environmentally, it happens in your life.

We’re looking at the deluge not just as a physical aspect… but as a disconnect point or disconnected state of being where some of this culture was lost, covered up as in flooded, or was taken and changed.

There’s a real need for earth or humanity to move in to assist those who have participated in a deluge but if you also have the opposite going on, where some look at that as a weak point/an opportunity to take over the entire empire etc., then you get what we would say is Culture Vulturing.

You get a complete desolation of that culture. Then it is possibly taken over by someone else, and the original people never able to really recover or represent themselves again.

This is some pretty deep stuff that we’re talking about. 

I am explaining that everybody is connected in these aisles of Lemuria – and after events like the Deluge, we have situations like the Mahabharata, five thousand years of war until even right now.

The Mahabharata continues. We want it to be over… but it still continues.

War still happens.


Oh Christmas Tree

It’s time for another level of knowledge.  The end of knowledge… which is wisdom.

Now we get to the wisdom, and we have this year stretched out in front of us. 

Today wasn’t a day to exhaust any of the topics that we’re bringing forth.  Know we are ready, and we have many with us. 

The power in which we need to amass, to accomplish the quantum change in this world, is amassing fast and accumulating.

So here we go…

The next thing is the Spindle Theory – There are variations of how we Inner-stand the vehicle. 

So, since we inner-stand that Solomon’s temple, this great builder work or this tower that keeps being mentioned, is none other than the human body… which everybody knows here.

We know there is different ways and different aspects of Inner-standing the knowledge that it reveals to us, this Kabbalah, that you could only learn by listening to yourself.

Meaning, it needs to be delivered to you from yourself to yourself, or from someone who knows it.

To sum this all up, what we generally see here in all the Spindle Theories (and all the different concepts) is the same underlining principles…

That energy functions through poles and the poles are electromagnetic.  What creates these electromagnetic fields, is the actions of the movement of positive and negative judgments. 

Only in the gap between positive and negative, does life really exist as we know it… And that is where we are.

We are in The Gap – we are acolytes of the gap.  We surf it.

Just as you wouldn’t let a two-year-old take off in your car, so too, you have not been allowed access to the internal Merkabah until now.

The gates are wide open.  You have the opportunity to dissolve all of your judgments and disconnections.  Oscillate and vibrate to get yourself and your field picked up, so you can fly.

With Martin Kenny’s Christmas tree video, there’s a lot associated with this symbolism.

As you get these counter-rotating Torus fields (which is how you create Monatomics), it creates nests.  There is that center column, circumventing fields, and these nests – if you saw this from the top, it will look like a Christmas tree… and all the lights in the Christmas tree will be the Souls.

This is the symbology today of the Christmas tree – but what have they done with the Christmas tree?

They’ve cut it!

They’ve cut down The Evergreen!

Through occultism, I can render proof to this.  It is symbolic that the umbilical cord is cut from the mother when the baby is born – so too have many souls been cut from the energetic system.

They need to reconnect themselves and can reconnect themselves by vibrating higher. 

This is the only thing that needs to be done to change the entire scenario or probable futures of this realm in this reality.

But remember, there is gifts here… Under the tree, right?


All of this, we know the meaning now.  This is the Symbolism of Christmas

The Satan or Santa part… do you know what those words really mean? 

Old Father.  The real “Bearded Wise wisdom” side versus the consumer “Black Friday” side.

There are gifts at the tree.

This tells you that when you unlock this, there’s a promise of a reward, but you don’t know what those rewards are going to be. 

You can look forward to it, as a child looks forward to the presents under their tree.

This is why the energy is just off!  Because of consumerism, the inverted tree is now out – and people are unhappy about what is under the tree.  They already know what it is, because if they want anything in a consumer-based reality, they go get it.  They don’t wait till Christmas.

You don’t know what to give somebody that has every single camera and every single cell phone that ever came out.  The reality is, this has the person looking at this box (this is how it can turn around into something demonic).  A box that they can’t see in, but they know inside is dissatisfaction.

There’s a lot of deeper symbolism also…

Everything comes with electromagnetics, everything comes, and you must know both electricity and magnetism.  If you’re just armed with the good idea of Christmas presents, you’ll still be doing the same thing when you’re staring down the barrel of some vinegar or a bag of chips again.

If that’s how shallow you’re going to be with it – is it just electric?

Then you’re going to miss out on the magnetic balance that is necessary to keep this thing really churning and turning.

You have the power that’s needed to go into unity.

As you keep building up energy, your environment will change.  The people around you will change, you will keep seeing the greater versions of people that you used to know.  As you’re going up, the environment is actually changing.

You’re actually in a real field.  With real stars.

The “As Below Stars” are not the ones you want to be watching.

 I want to keep motivating you, Full-spectrum light


Sovereignty 2020

Now we’re at the Advent. 

It’s been a decade.

I spent to the tune of about fourteen hours a day for 90% of that time, working with people, working with other celestial beings, working with this platform, these technologies – all trying to unify all these forces, so they come to see the awareness; the power that we truly have together

I also come personally into the fulfillment of the creation of this projection.

I went into something different, in a strange world with strange people… and here we are together.

Loving each other.  Tribe.  Real tribe love.

Now as I said we’re in the Advent, this is now – You know when they say with the “Mach-Dee,” the 12’er?

When they come, they move through – it’s a force in the energy moving through of urgency… it’s the last hour.

One year for us on this planet is one hour for the beings that are on the next cog –  Which are called the Igigi in the Sumerian texts….

Those who man the ship.”

In that text, this is the final hour – but we’ve been talking about 2020 for a minute. 

It was just because I got the transmission, same beings, same higher-self, 2020 is the date. 

We never gave you a date. Now you have a date.  This is it.  All the wires, all the chips, run. 

Sovereignty 2020 make yourself sovereign and as many people on the physical plane as possible.

You accomplished that already; As Above – you have to do it there first.

If you got God you worship, you’re leaking.  You can’t become a sovereign

It won’t happen… but once you patch those leaks up, now you have to fuel yourself.  You have to fill that thing back up, and the Kundalini goes like a thermometer.

If you keep getting aired out all the time with the Anger and the Acids, you just keep letting it out by continuously pushing out energy that is not suiting you.  It’s not returning to you, it’s not cycling…

Anger… even when you get it back, how does it hit you? 

You get angry at somebody, you get mad at them… Do they come back at you with “I love you,” right away?  Hell no!  They come back at you with the same aggression and now you’re getting hit with that.  Sometimes they come back with more, and you really get hit. 

So, is that ever the route?  People have been degraded this way.

This is the Advent now, this one year. 

This is the biggest campaign of a lifetime.

Believe it or not… one year to get a person into the condition of being able to make the ascent into 3,000 years into the future…

(now all this again will sound foreign, until you hear the video here that I’m going to play).

It is just awareness that time is frequency.

Where we need to be is about 3,000 years ahead, but FEAR NOT!

If you think that is the ultra-technological world, where you need to be able to understand every Encyclopedia or at least have a Neuralink on to tell you… you’re wrong.

Not only are you already capable, with the equipment of how to do this – but it also stems in the exact awareness that the future is only unity.

That’s why I call it The Unity Code.

It’s not as complex.  It’s actually eliminating the things that made you complex – eliminating the things that divided you.

I feel joyous that we were able to pull apart so much, and it’s out on the table.

Now we can start connecting these pieces, because you know a lot about occultism, right?  You know a lot about symbolism and all this stuff.

We start connecting these dots, and it’ll be like… how did I not see that?

Then, you’ll start realizing the reason why you didn’t see it, was because it wasn’t time. 

It was a frequency that you didn’t see. 

It wasn’t something you did.

Why would you want to know the highest levels of everything, in your entire existence, all at one time, right now?

It all had to be timed properly.


Ancient Symbols and Their Meanings

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the symbols associated with the fake Brahmans, such as the connection between the original king Mudugan and the six-pointed Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon (falsely). 

Now we must look at another symbol – because another main question that we want to answer is how the ancient culture changed and who changed it? … which is a really direct question that can’t be answered by pointing a finger at one group and saying that they changed it.

You can only look at the most powerful symbols in cultures and see who owns those symbols (mentally) today by asking how certain ancient symbols are commonly understood now, and with what or whom they are commonly associated.

For example, to the best of your knowledge, Who does the Star of David belong to? – Many will say that’s the symbol on the star of the flag of Israel that represents Judaism.  Or if I ask who the Swastika belongs to… most will say Hitler used that when the Nazis were in power during World War II- he said they were Aryans.

Referring to these symbols becomes very interesting when you realize that they are external representations that have meaning in terms of ownership and who owns them.  When you change concepts and ideals into seals, you get symbols.

Then we have to ask, what does this seal or symbol mean?

 The seal of the Swastika means the four great arms of entire constellations that are out in the cosmos… and when it’s moving in one direction called widdershins (counterclockwise), certain things happen, and when it’s moving in the other direction, diesel (clockwise), other things happen.  As a concept, the Swastika becomes a very easy symbol to explain – like you’re teaching it to children.  When you have symbols, it’s like you’re trying to create a structure of learning for children or anyone who is being initiated into these arts.

There’s a whole process they need to go through to try to innerstand it like when they learn a language, which is external. 

We must bring out this external symbolism to create ideals or maxims that really control how people function in everyday life, like the four seasons, the four winds, the four corners of the earth, etc… that’s what these symbols mean.

(Notice the symbol to the left is the symbol of the four corners of the earth, and the symbol to the right is the Russian national unity)

When someone wants to represent, “I believe in the arms of the great galaxy and I believe in the cosmos” – they will use that symbol, and that becomes the symbol of their tribe.  There isn’t anything negative or imbalanced in dealing with symbolism, because it is our own technology of preserving core ideals that expand out into volumes of knowledge.  But if someone actually takes control of that symbol and says it belongs to them, then entire cultures can get left out and entire ideals can become forgotten.  

You can go yourself to these ancient cultures and see what it meant to the people. 

You can gain massive knowledge, that has nothing to do with racism and a group of people trying to exterminate humanity.

The symbol we commonly think of as the Swastika (and its variants) is the biggest example – because this symbol is sacred, and it has multiple layers of knowledge embedded within it (for those who can go deep enough within themselves).  But they’re also maxims, so we would need to give them the space that they need to be completely explained.

The symbol of the Swastika stems into the arms of the galaxy, but just as the arms of the galaxy are very broad, there are things that it’s encompassing that all have meaning.  If it is bending in one direction, it actually means the direction of life – if it’s spinning in another direction, it actually means the direction of death.

Of course, if you knew this about the symbolism, you would notice that Hitler pointed his Swastika in the direction of death – and that makes sense since the Nazis worship the Cult of Death… but a general onlooker is not going to notice those subtle differences.

In addition, when we say “death” we’re only talking about transmutation – we are not talking about the ignorant misinterpretation of death… as if there’s an end to something that has no beginning.



Children of the Deluge

First, before anybody feels excluded, it is important for us all to realize how unified we truly are. 

The only thing that can prove to us our unity is actually our Language.

It is very important to Inner-stand that in the Bible when it says “God” (who in this case is a Germanic King) says “let us go down,” he’s talking to his vice generates and people that are a part of his aristocracy. 

He says, “go down,” because they’re actually in the North and they’re going to go down to the South and confuse them…

With what?  Language

This linguistic confusion creates most of the confusion that we see today – where you have entire cultures connected to other cultures – but they don’t acknowledge this connection.  In fact, they fight and are in a war with each other, as if there is no connection at all. 

That happens first in language.  Once you take someone off their linguistic system, or you even remove certain components, it is the akin to what can happen in hypnosis if somebody tells you, “you no longer remember three anymore or three is not a part of your vocabulary, it is not a part of your reality now.” … and a person is hypnotized into believing that.

One of the major things that a Hypnotist does to show you the level of their abilities – to make people forget certain things.

They can say “count on your fingers” and the person will count, “one, two, four, five, six” and totally skip three – because that’s what hypnosis is capable of doing.

We have now concluded that the entire world is probably under some level of mass hypnosis or spell – and you can see how language plays into all of this.  If you remove certain parts of the language, you remove an entire awareness of the person themselves.

Within the Scythian runes, we find that the linguistic systems that are used inside these cultures are virtually identical – minus a few additions to the ancient Tamil language.

We can exhaust this linguistic study on the topic of Etymology, which we will do in the future… but right now, we just want to prove with clear proofs that no culture should feel excluded from the acts of Lemuria (in the Indus Valley) as if they were not present, or as if they were the ones doing the attacking.  

This is a major misconception that is constantly happening as people try to figure out… who is responsible for the dissolution of the Human Species at this point?  It’s important for us to all move on and realize that most of us are the children of these different cultures that split apart and began to practice their own ideals.

The linguistic system shows us the connection.

There are videos on YouTube and scholarly reports that show how the Slavic language is actually directly connected to Tamil.

It is not just that language – it’s many languages, including Sanskrit.

So… there has been a real “let us go down and confuse them” by changing the languages.  These slight changes to the languages, especially to cultures that had already broken off from the Deluge, governed and created a feeling that they were developing something separate – or had created something unique… when in fact, that was all a part of the Ancient Culture.

We are simply taking a moment to show the connection between all races, no matter what color, to this specific Lemurian continent.



Activation of Consciousness, Siddhis or Powers

The Siddhas are human beings who have taken themselves through the process of activating their consciousness.

What is this activation of consciousness?

The word Siddhis as a word means power; the powers when you make it plural.

Using a little etymology (especially in the English culture) this word actually gives us the word city.  As we know everybody is in cities right now, so you find an immediate connection – because the Siddhis were where people went, en masse at times, to get healing; to find change; to find growth.

The replication of cities is somewhat the same thing, but grossly misconstrued. The cities attract people who come to the city to find jobs and protection, etc.… but it’s all external.

They’re not looking for their own power.  They’re looking for the powers of the city in order to be taken care of and their problems fixed.

When we look at the New Age movement today and all of what we aspire to be in the conscious community, meditations etcetera… it all narrows down to the Siddhis – and what was capable of being achieved once you were able to unlock these abilities.

We have some notations here of what these Siddhis and powers actually are – What is the power connected to and how does it work?

The Parkaya Pravesh is placing one soul into the body of another person – this can be the route to Immaculate Conception and raising the dead.  This is an ability that can be achieved by unlocking certain chakras, and it gives you the ability to literally transfer your energetic field into something else.

You can do that being an infinitesimally small creation and then living through something essentially by inseminating it – so infinitely small… even placing your body inside of something that may be inanimate or dead, and bringing it back to life.

We have another one called Haadi Vidya which is no hunger, no thirst, a nullification of oxygen (no need for oxygen), extensive fasting, and no bowel movement – the main point with these powers is to go beyond what would be the standard drawback of the human body.

You have Kaadi Vidya which is the change of the seasons have no effect.  This is big because the environment often controls a lot about how we function, and how we think.  With this power, the environment doesn’t actually have power over you – even full moons, Suns and certain cycles etcetera… it all has no power over you.

As we move on, we get the Madalasa Vidya – becoming as small as a particle, which also connects to that first Siddhis power.  It also gives you the ability to increase your size exponentially.  So, if something needs to be lifted, if you need to go into another space…  you can make yourself really small to get in there, or really large to get up there.

We have the Vayu Gaman Siddhi – this is flight or teleportation.  Some are even familiar with now and experiencing it through the height of astral travel and hyper-dimensional travel.  Teleportation, gain physical flight, and levitation etc this is where all that comes from.

Next, we have the Kanakdhara which is unlimited wealth and even beyond.  This is increasing food and increasing abundance, like the five loaves and two fish parables of Krishna (also known as the Christ) which is being able to feed a lot people with a small amount of food.

Then we have Prakya Sadhana which is making a barren womb fertile, or anything barren fertile again, even if it’s a desert or a dead tree.  Bringing fertility back into that womb – the ability to see into those metaphysical planes to see what the blockage or the issue is.

Finally, the last one we are going to cover is Surya Vigyan – using the solar rays to transmute one thing into another thing.  Since this projection that we’re in is generally sprayed from the Sun, if you have access to that Ray before it touches whatever it is supposed to, to become dense and form into, you can change what it’s forming into- and that gives you this power.

The way to attain those powers is what they call Aushadhis- which is basically awakening through herbs.  This gives us the shamanistic traditions of using the Ayahuasca, the DMT, the peyote, etc. to bring about different spiritual powers.

That was not the only way, however.  Generally, there was the strictest asceticism (severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence) often practiced in place of that.  Meaning no drinking water and fasting to bring about enlightenment.

Lastly for now but not least, there was Shakti – where your master, teacher, or guru could actually transfer energetic potential that would give you some insight into what those powers would be.  Then as you ran out of Shakti, which is like fuel, you would still be inspired to continue your process of building Kundalini, so you can achieve those points.



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