Secrets of Alchemy

There’s a phenomenon that has happened with many illustrious individuals such as your Alexander the Great, Jesus, and Shakespeare… that when you’re saying their name, you are not actually referring to one person. You’re referring to a group. 

This worked well for multiple reasons. First, it made it very difficult for those pursuing forces, and there could be a slew of reasons why someone would want to pursue the groups that are trying to change the geographic layout of the world and the overall belief of human consciousness. 

That is what’s at stake all the time… the power to influence energy.

For instance, Shakespeare was known also to possibly be Roger Bacon and was also possibly known to be Nicholas Flamel. 

All of these men were high alchemists and were very learned in the arts of alchemy, Hermetics, poetry, rhymes, reasons, tunes, and tones all under one umbrella; one name.

Contrary to what most people would do these days, each person trying to take credit, back then they wanted to work all under one force because that force would seem stronger and stronger as it goes. 

If I saw you in India, but then someone said they saw you in Egypt, and it was around the same time, it would only further the idea that you had some abilities we weren’t aware of and that maybe we should be a little bit more cautious about how we speak about you since you could be anywhere listening to us, omnipresent and god-like.

Alchemy contains its own level of thought power. 

Among the highest power that has affected humankind through the use of alchemy has been the creation of gunpowder. 

Innerstand that alchemy created things like gunpowder for certain men who knew how to put potions and proportions together in just a way to bring an immense level of power into the reality.

When someone innerstands the alchemy and makes a connection, using man and woman’s ability to craft things, they can actually bring things into this dimension

The sexual energies can also be used to bring even more illustrious creations into this realm, especially in conjunction with alchemy.

The whole thing is basically one big fun house… unless for some reason you forget that you have the power to do this… and then someone else, for at least the last six thousand years, removes you from that knowledge and tells you that if you are trying to get it then “you must go through them”.

In most secret societies, they have a process of initiating a person. Many of these groups started off as real mason builders, and in the ancient guilds, they always needed a guy who was going to carry around the blocks. 

These guilds had skills that everybody else didn’t have but depended on in order to survive. 

That’s the origins of secret societies and masonry.

However, because building and architecture is a cosmic aspect, it doesn’t take long for someone who starts to gander off into it on their own, without any inspiration from any external force, to tap into something we refer to as Gnosticism. 

Gnosticism is the ability to know without anybody telling you what’s really happening. You’re putting yourself into a state where you’re able to begin to read the more passive flow of information that is going through the ether all the time… the light codes, languages of light… and this gets us again into Angelics.

Now, to answer the question directly who is the Gude god?  At this point, the term would be an eidolon.

When a logos (which was known as God) is created, the act is a ritual; there’s an actual programming that must happen.

What is this ritual for?  What do we want from this?  All must be programmed in the ritual.

Then as many things that can resonate in the proper order with what they want to be accomplished with this Eidolon, is then put into play.

Through our ability to create things from our minds, and the unity of the souls of large groups of mystical people together pushing forth an agenda… what is then birthed from that astral womb is an eidolon, an actual living form, but it first comes forth as a child.

It may be very powerful and born outside of the physical confinements of man. Using eidolons gives you the ability to go beyond those confinements because it is not actually born through a physical womb and doesn’t have those same limitations. 

In many of the “God paintings,” you see these children with little wings hanging around. They refer to those as the angels; they say they are children cause they’re innocent. What they are really referring to, is that when eidolons or angels are created they have a very limited intellect.

When these are put to use from birth, they become phenomenal forms with immense power, but with the very limited intellect of a child.

They are programmed in themselves, so while they may possess an immense level of power, a simple smell could deter them or attract them… a simple symbol can make them run in fear or come to you at your beckoning call.

Within this art, you can see the immense potential, but you can also see the immense complexity of how many integers you would be talking about to create something that was much more intelligent.

This is where storytelling comes in, and where a form like what you see in the Bible… where a God or entity can be created and be given a personality, given a story, given a history… and then just like 4d interacts with 3d all the time, the 3d people experience it like a ship…

Where did it come from? 

“…I guess it’s always been here so I’m gonna believe in it”, which is something like what people gravitate to now with the Christian story.

They can’t really prove Jesus was here, they can’t really prove absolutely quite a bit of what was taking place, especially logistically. 

Yet everyone believes, and it works, and now it is connected to people’s spirits and millions of people are doing it.

How could that happen?

It has happened simply by a fourth-dimensional creation interacting with a third-dimensional creation and because of the extent of superiority in awareness… meaning that there are just so many things humans don’t know about. 

Even what we’re talking about right now would seem fanciful… alchemy controlling other realms… eidolons… but anything that you conceive, exists

This is a limitless construct because it says that anything you can conceive can actually be done.

When a human is born, they’re born into a confinement, they’re given rules, they’re given language, they’re given a structure… this eidolon is actually born into more of the opposite.

It’s almost like getting caught up into a fascinating story.  It’s like a movie, and that’s the easiest way to actually look at it.  People like movies more than their own lives.  Most people’s ideals are formed from movies.

The prince and princess programs from the cartoons and all of those stories which contain those archetypes form a person’s ideals of what they think the reality is about.

If something comes along with a much more complex story that envelops yours, then it seems like you can get everything done in your story and then some more, but you’re just barely scratching the surface of their story.

This is how one can get encompassed inside of a reality, and feel completely overwhelmed by what exists, and then search for something higher, let’s say a god, to offset the vulnerability… and that’s really what’s God’s juice has been… and let’s say not simply as an etymological term only, or as a Germanic king only.

In any language where that word God means a Supreme Being, the word has generally been used by a person as a talisman to throw off something that the person feels they don’t have the power to win over or to overthrow, or to protect themselves from. 

So very specifically Gods, angels, and supreme beings are weapons, especially of protection.

Their use throughout history, from amulets and everything you can think of, has always been just that.

People pray to God to destroy things for them, and whoever would be the most proficient at doing that, is able to enlist forces to carry out those missions just within themselves.  

Now when we look at this construct again, we can say that this knowledge of how to create these forms, these eidolons, is written in nature. 

The knowledge is a part of, in a whole, Maat.

How many groups do we really have running that know parts of this art, or possibly in its entirety, that is able to use it to their benefit in this reality?

Even if they were completely against each other, the only thing that they would agree on is to never tell anybody else; to never let the masses that exist outside of their construct.

The masses that are basically free fire for them, free energy, free food, free everything for them… 

Although they quarrel amongst themselves, what they keep secret, is all of this knowledge and the awareness of what can really be done on a spiritual plane in a fourth dimension… 

…because you have a spirit, and you can get there too.


This article was sourced from an interview between Sevan Bomar and Isaac Williams on the topic of the Gude/God figure, and the conversation has been presented in 7 connecting blogs (this is 2 of 7).  Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming episodes, some of which you will be able to share and earn.  This is just one way our new incentivization program can help you achieve sovereignty.


Why I’m Skipping Halloween and You Should Too

As long as any of us can remember there’s been a Fall Harvest celebration.  Once a year we encourage our children to immerse themselves in blood, fear, (mock) injury and encourage an almost gluttonous amount of sugar consumption.  On a time of year guided in celebration of our inherit abundance, how did a celebration of life become an indoctrination of our children in the acceptance of death?  In this article, I will concisely disclose what I have found in my search for answers regarding Halloween.


What I found communicated in its entirety may not be suitable for young readers.  As Adepts, we should consider the ramifications of sharing information in and out of context, and be aware of how these truths are communicated accordingly.

Every year more than 175 Million people celebrate Halloween.  Legend implies the Halloween holiday echoes our lost history filled with actual monsters and real ghost stories.  Others say it is a time of year when the veil between realms temporarily dissipates and spirits are free to roam the earth once again.  I have explored the occult origins of Halloween in detail, and below will reveal what Halloween is, where it came from, and what can be done about it now.


According to the National Retail Federation, in 2018, it was projected that 9 Billion dollars will be spent on candy, decorations, and costumes.  It wasn’t until I learned the connection between money and spiritual energy that I could see the correlation between, what our money represents and the real costs paid in not paying attention, and the lasting consequences of our participation.  

In the wake of these discoveries I had to look at the larger picture; Why am I allowing my children to consume sugary treats when all year I encourage them to care about their health?  Why am I spending money I don’t have, dressing my children up as though they were dead?  The more I reflected on this the clearer my conclusion came, Halloween is a ritual!

Yes, Halloween is indeed a ritual complete with ceremony, that although unknowingly, we willingly participate in.  This is evident in the masks we wear in order to remain concealed in a crowd of spirits, to the Jack O’Lantern (an Irish tradition of making talismans from vegetables) placed outside to ward off evil spirits. 

The seasonal cycles are a constant reflection of our lives and a reminder to us, that we reap what we sow.  Once a year we celebrate the fall harvest with festivities that reflect an appreciation for the fruits of life and hint at the traces from spirits left behind.  There is a synonymous correlation with what is celebrated during Harvest and how we reflect on our memories during the later years of life.

There is a strong connotation that the appreciation of Mother Nature giving of herself to support us resembles that in our reflection towards our parents for their roles and support gave after they’ve passed on.  When the child becomes the parent and takes their place as the adult (adept) we become the providers to our own heirs. 

Man’s life mimics the life cycle in sagacity with nature because Man is of Nature & Nature is of Man… a mirror reflected.  From the birth of Spring through our long Summers we recognize the blueprint of the child matured to teen, the new parent in Fall, and lastly as the elderly resting momentarily in Winter until the cycle starts again (reincarnation).  When it’s Fall, all of nature’s fruits and vegetables are ripe, we celebrate the abundance of life with food, as our medium of expression.


This is represented in the cornucopia of abundance and symbolic of our limitless infinite potentials in this life.  Astrologically, this is a time of year known as a Cross-Quarter Day.  These are especially unique days that happen between a Solstice and an Equinox when the sun appears to hold it’s place in the sky.

This is what has been interpreted as an open portal or doorway through the veil of life and death, a time traditionally associated with and on Mans mortality.  As our Sun sets sooner our days naturally become shorter and our nights noticeably longer.  As a result, we go through an increase in our exposure to our surroundings in the dark, with our vision impacted because of a lack of artificial light.

This caused our other senses to heighten, revealing more of the astral realms’ frequencies vibrating on this plane.  This is when our ancestors saw spirits walking the earth, and why across all versions of culture we see the masking of our identities to mix anonymously amongst our visitors from the other side.   

Since then we have forgotten how to have dreams and so we wear masks no more, except to dress up our children as monsters.  It is this introduction of fear into the child’s consciousness that introduces the Monsters to them literally and figuratively, a ritual form of mock possession.

Our original ceremonial practice of fall harvest was an expression in our acknowledgement of the sacrifice of Earth in giving of her life in order to provide for our life to continue, represented in the celebration and appreciation of the harvest and our ancestors; which at some point was hijacked and became darkly inverted into the sacrifice of our women and children.


In all indigenous culture, it was a common practice to speak with the ancestors.  This happened with Mans call to spirit, in conjunction with the uses of the 5 elements for the spirit to work withInitiated with the subconscious call of manifestation by the initial sincerity and having a genuine need to connect with an ancestor (Intent and Purpose). 

Then, by having a space set aside for them (the ancestor) to physically (vessel) occupy the alter or talisman physically representative of Earth.  Fire and an Incense (Air) act as the portal of creation and the brokering of energy by the spirits scents.  Then by having a source of life for the spirit to exist and communicate off of (Food and Water), the ancestors can sit and communicate with us. 

Attention should be brought to the importance of food (as opposed to candy) in the energies drawn.  Food being the conduit on the physical grounding element into this plane, and the water the element of movement. Candy, as we know it today, comes from the gemstones found in Khanda of India, it was not until the colonization and exportation of sugarcane (and gemstones) that we saw a correlation of bright colors and sweetness, and the giving of gifts (now tricks) and treats to strangers.  

The purpose for the addition of food provides the spirit the life essence it needs from the fruit and other treats, which are left at the altars with the intent and purpose in rooting in the manifestation of our loved ones; there is a correlation to quantity and clarity of transmission with the quality of the substance offered. 

This method of communicating was a commonly accepted practice, and only became retro-ly associated with the elders of villages (versus collectively celebrated) due to generational growth and social changes.  As time passed, it became the sole responsibility of the wounded healers and shamans, whom by now live on the outskirts of the village. 

Fulfilling a family tradition of holding space in this knowledge until its value is ready to be re-recognized again.  An example of this tradition surviving today is Dia De Los Muertos and is explained in the animation adaptation movie Coco.

Contacting our loved ones, was initially a practice for continued mentorship from our elders, and to know general life instructions such as; if the family (tribe) should rotate regions or plant in other areas.  It was the worry of the future, a result of Man becoming disconnected from our Roots (Ancestors) and our Seeds (Children) that manifested this fear of scarcity. 

This delusion is common today, many have lost connection with the abundance of life with some selling their souls for the illusion of momentary balance and monetary gain.  Such as in the Celtic mythology of the Samhain, a celebrational legend during Halloween that introduces the Nemedians who sacrificed two-thirds (⅔) of their children, corn, and milk to the Fomorians.  For context, this “Fall” offering precedes the winter worship (and additional pedophilic child sacrifice) to Crom-Cruach (who has survived as Krampus aka Santa Claus). 


The energy of the Nemedians continues today, and in Sevan Bomar’s Why You Should Skip Halloween he names the entity that is harvesting the energy of our children’s mock death ritual appropriately labeled “fright night” during The Via Combusta, even still to this day! 

In 1926, one of the oldest still functioning magical groups around today; The Fraternitas Saturni was created after a Masonic fallout at The Weida Conference in Germany.  Sometime later this small group of defecting occultist created an egregore, a collectively manifested entity. 

The egregore named is Gothos or “GOTOS”, an abbreviation for Gradus Ordo Templi Orientis Saturni, who uses the collective passions of the group to charge its spirit in place of having a soul.  This egregore molded into\from this group’s persona, and acts as an arbitrator for the will of the group, also functioning as a “cloud” of pooled consciousness available to the group.

GOTOS, Egregors of the Fraternitas Saturni; Orgin Lodge Temple in Berlin, Artist Sorella Gabriele

This egregore was created with two of the densest energies available on this realm.  Orgasmic energy captured in sex magic, and the blood from the sacrifice of children, the same rites done in the past.  Is this what’s figuratively happening when we willingly give our children candy that is poison (for lack of a better term) and wrapping? 

Part of the romanticization of the occult is revealed in the dress up & objectives of juvenile games like bobbing for apples and roasting nuts on an open fire.  These mystic tools were used to divinate future partners among young teens

This introduction into Sexual Energy eXchange, by adults mixed with the pedophilic (or what the mainstream identifies as Vampiric) energy practices of scaring a child purposely, opens the child up energetically to be host to energetic parasites.  It is this energy, and that coupled with the rest of Hollyweirds energy that GOTOS survives off.

Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, famously said, “He who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies”.  This quote is reflective of the truths lived by our indigenous ancestors, in fact, death was welcomed with bravery and courage.  What we know as death was recognized by our ancestors is the astral realm.  It is the astral plane that was seen during the Cross-Quarter Day.  It is in this ritual we participate in, and its variations from our pasts that we learn and form our relationship with, and the celebration of Death; our holiday of Halloween.

I like you, have come into the awareness of actuality and struggle to swim against the current.  As I find myself growing older and passing on to my children the blueprints given to me, I see an opportunity for correction.  An improvement that will bring additional balance and stability to my life and the life of my grandchildren. 

Why wait until grandchildren to repair a bridge we can mend today? 

It is imperative and vitally important our children see us step up and take accountability for the state of our communities’ collective conscience.  Our willingness to participate in the ritual, while knowing the purpose of our acts is what sells our soul, and that tribe is our bloody signature on the dotted/bottom line.  



Written by Ambassador Eddie Endriss 


The Germanic King “GUDE” aka “GOD”

The first thing that I want to discuss today, is to confirm that what we are going to reveal is a massive secret.

It goes a lot deeper than most people think. Even the words tied around it actually lead to deeper secrets… and that’s because the entire mainframe is coded in words.

The reality is that the etymology brings us so close to the awareness of what we’re speaking about. Because the true extent of what we’re discussing can only really be brought forth in symbolism…. actually geometry.

This is why the ancient societies showed certain symbols. These symbols were generally marks from the geometry of what they were discussing. They would encode certain marks as if you had the geometry in front of you, and you just connected certain lines, and then removed everything else.

The resulting strange-looking symbol, that only a master would know how to interpret.

This became a secret language among societies predominantly working with geometry; building to erect and to construct.

When we get into terms like rulers, lords, gods and the entire hierarchy that exists throughout these planetary systems, and stretch into what we would call the cosmos… we start realizing that maybe the joke is on us at times…

How much knowledge do we really have about the specific things that control our reality?

We must be prepared to utilize the sleuth work; the ability to discern or troubleshoot in order to actually get us to the answers… and those answers reveal themselves to us from logic, which is reason, which is the logos itself.

The word logos means reason; it actually even means to judge… and to be wise is to judge fairly and balanced with what you’re reasoning with now.

Innerstand the world is already thousands of years after what we call numbers have been discovered.

Numbers are not something that we invented, we discovered them. We found something that was already here.

The original use for numbers was to map out a theology or a theos… an idea of how God functions. Numbers are used in conjunction with shape because they correspond with one another, hence geometry.

When we vibrate one harmonic, we see that one tone going up and down, two harmonic we see that two tone… Numbers respond to the frequencies that are playing naturally in reality.

Numbers themselves are the highest level of communication when it comes to innerstanding different forms in nature.

The true linguistic value of numbers is that they provide the most benefit at interpreting what’s happening in a metaphysical reality… that is if you really know the meaning of numbers.

This brings us to golden numbers or Golden Gods and centers us into our conversation today about the character known as Gude or God.

These terms are actual acts and modes of division, superiority… and most importantly they are acts of racism.

Now to define racism very briefly, because there are several tribes in the world that have been locked in these struggles, each trying to figure out who came first, and who is really the most powerful.

We will look at the etymology of the word race… that’s what masters do.

A person who is a racist is known to have racial problems.

Within that word racial it is telling you exactly what racism stems from… a Ratio; that is the proportions or the harmonics of the divisions of light and sound.

So, what creates a difference in this reality whether it’s black or white, plant, dog, insect or whatever… is the arrangement of the chaos.

Most are totally afraid of even the word chaos in itself, and it is pushed across the reality as something to absolutely avoid.

However, in the New Age movement, whether they are aware of it or not, chaos is actually what they are saying they really want.

Let me explain…

Chaos is when there is no differentiation at all. Chaos is when everything is commingled together in one massive form.

What we call reasoning and thinking does not actually exist in that space, because there is no way to divide, and there is no way to create any kind of separation.

It is most important to remember these principles of what we are living in, in this world based on divisions, based on the ability to divide matter, and based on the division of unlimited ether into something that takes on an identity.

There is a way that this is precisely done, and that precise gesture is known as a sacred cut… a sacred cut that connects very closely to sacred geometry.

It is simply the act of shaping, forming, and fashioning different life forms in this reality.

In the ancient cultures, whether you’re looking into Angkor Wat or you’re looking into Kemet, show the process of creating multiple beings with different kind of persuasions and variations, and the resulting chimeras.

We have come to innerstand they interacted with this reality through their DNA and their spiritual existence, much like what we would see as PlayStation, or augmented and virtual reality of today.

The reason why it’s important for me to bring this up is that the exact same knowledge of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Cut is in crystal patterns. It is in how snowflakes, Merkabas, and tetrahedrons form… all of that is principally about the construct of the reality and what goes on behind the scenes.

How is the reality actually put together to allow us to see what we’re seeing?

What really goes on in what we know as the fourth dimension?

We are in the third dimension. There are two-dimension beings below us, that see things flat… they are oblivious to what we do here and how it affects them even though they experience it every day.

In the same way, we are oblivious to what is going on in 4d and to fourth-dimensional beings; what they’re doing and how it affects us every day, unless we choose to look a bit closer, to focus our lens… and when we do it will show us that to remove judgments, is to get you closer to the original; to remove racial color lines is to get you closer to an original.

If you are not an original then you are a replica, but it also shows us that the original is chaos.

Due to this massive distance between where we are and pure everything or chaos… what we seek to do is navigate the ladder to climb up higher, where we have more abilities and fewer confinements.

Density is just confinement. In higher, less dense dimensions we have more spatial to begin to operate and create for us a rather pleasant, happy reality continuously without end.

Now, when 4d beings are interacting with the third dimension, it can only be summed up as the art of Angelics; meaning to enlist another thinking life-form or reasoning entity, something moving in reason that can be attracted from a plane that is higher than ours, to do things or cause actions here.

That is in itself, the great Geometry.

This letter G can be seen as many things, but when you look at letters as a symbol, a capital G and a lowercase G is only a spinning 6.

Some may say, “well it doesn’t look like it”… but that’s because the same things can look different but still all be related in our reality.

In the etymology for a specific group of people, the symbol that they saw which looked like a 6, eventually translated into the language as a G.

The G in geometry became known as God.

Next, we will get into how this great knowledge brings us into a scenario with the good God… a Germanic King named Gude.

This article was sourced from an interview between Sevan Bomar and Isaac Williams on the topic of the Gude/God figure, and the conversation has been presented in 7 connecting blogs (this is 1 of 7).  It is part of our new Share and Earn incentivization program, which is just one way Secret Energy can help you achieve sovereignty.  Stay tuned for upcoming episodes!  

How Did We Get Here

My involvement and research into the spiritual realm have reaped a major revelation.  I personally feel that as we dig into these topics in the next upcoming years we will uncover something immense for the masses that will change the way Earth operates forever.  Here are a few things I was able to divine and prove without a doubt via geometry, language, and events.

Pyramids, Churches, and Mosques are really built on top of sacred ancestral burial sites, i.e. portals.  These sites function as entry and exit points for the spiritual makeup of our being which is wrapped in the flesh.  When we go through these portals we take on a physical body or “geometric body” based on the astronomical configuration, culture, and design of the temple.  Everything in the reality breaks down to something crystalline.  Even the oil that accumulates on a doorknob after repeated grasping eventually becomes a crystal deposit trapping all the DNA in the oil that ever accumulated on that doorknob into solid, microscopic, crystalline forms.  All are and must pass through the stages of light and energy.  All secondary forms are just that – reflections, images, and projections.  Mere copies compared to the original.  However, just as we see with talismans, even copies of something powerful take on an energy of their own depending on how powerful the original is.

The Great Pyramid, for example, is, in fact, a large projector and reincarnation facility using refraction and amplification techniques.  This is the origin of concepts such as the holographic reality discovery, and here are some of the details.  Because the Great Pyramid is built on top of the entrance to the underworld, it was used by the Kemetians as a device to project and embed the image of Phi onto all the souls coming out of the portal.  Just like we are first incubated inside of our Mother, so too Spirits are incubated inside of the earth before they are birthed.


The process goes as such: The bottom Apex of the pyramid is akin to the tip of the male penis which can produce a spark also called the spark of life, an electron gun that can be fired to produce a momentary gap between worlds for entry.  Leophantalis, or the penis of the lion, which is akin to the Pahanuk, or the penis of the dragon, can be found at the bottom apex of all gothic temples, pyramids, and mosques configured properly.  The point becomes “charged” through the mechanics of the structure.  A pyramid is charged by the Sun & Earth, which produces an electromagnetic pulse.  A gothic temple is charged by specific stars and Gregorian chants.  Mosques are also charged in a variety of ways, such as geometrics, circumambulation, and orientation.

The location is key.  Since each “reincarnation station” is built over the top of a sacred site, burial ground, etc., Spirits, which are in a non-local space, are attracted to these points and travel according to them.  A path from one sacred site to another generally creates a leyline.  These points appear like the light of a specific spectrum or color on the Astral Plane.  This “spectrum” is familiar to the spirit, which causes an attraction.  Once the Spirit, like a moth, hits the light it is then transmuted into a dense, congealed form or “Adamu,” since it has now died or been divided.  The word “die” on the surface means “to divide”.  After this, the spirit is now formed and fashioned and will incarnate in a physical womb of a woman who has a DNA resonance with that temple.  This is accomplished by a woman or her mother going to the temple for worship on a consistent basis, a properly configured temple being in the vicinity of the woman’s birthplace; the sacred site being where the spirit grew up or frequented, the sacred site being on the opposite pole of the person’s last incarnation point, etc.

While this use alone is astounding, the Ancestors also had other uses for these structures, many of which are still functional and even being used by other groups and societies for a variety of nefarious purposes.  Pyramids like the Great Pyramid in Kemet use an advanced technology that involves “projecting” the spirit of the Mummy onto spirits coming out of the portal.  This has a variety of uses from bringing a whole dynasty into the physical realm, to bringing back the Nst Bty or Pharaoh, by placing him into a priest’s body.  This allows them to “dial in” specific ancestors and bring them back to this realm.  These are professional reincarnation stations, or time machines, which brings us to a major point in the Earth saga.

Many temples, such as those in Angkor Wat, that have been either destroyed or taken offline have bitumen, a type of ancient concrete, poured into their deep recesses.  I suspect this is to prevent these spirits from reincarnating on to the Earth plane.  Also, the cymatics and geometrics embedded within these temples hint that the actual physical form of the spirits when “birthed” into the physical reality would actually not be humanoid in appearance.  Instead, they would be chimeric.

I have a strong notion that during the many wars that ensued that are documented in ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, entire species were vanquished from the earth plane and remain confined in the underworld.  Is this possibly what is meant by “dead but dreaming”?  These wars seem to be fueled by a variety of beings beginning to increase their proportions and genetic makeup using potions, spells, philters, and other now mystical methods.  Many of these beings combined their genetics with the most fearsome things to gain more power, and this process birthed many monsters and disturbing forms since they were struggling to maintain balance.

The chain, or “ladder of lights,” which is a reference to DNA, broke because of this “mixing,” causing all on the bottom half of the ladder to fall or degrade.  We have been working to build this ladder or tower or DNA back up personally and collectively ever since.  This upheaval and war also caused the planet to come off balance, and flooding and destruction ensued since the scale of the weapons used were stronger than an atomic bomb.  Let us keep in mind the formula for an atomic bomb is encoded in the Bhagavad Gita, and that its inversion creates an explosion versus an implosion, destruction vs. regeneration.

There are also beings around who clearly do not want humanity to be aware of this not too distant past.  I say “not too distant” because it is made to seem like many biblical events took place thousands of years ago, when in fact they may have taken place since much less time.  It only takes a few generations to completely alter what we perceive as true history.  For instance, the “God”/King of the Bible remarks that he is going to confuse man with language since he is building a “tower” and soon will be able to scale the heights again.  I have proven that the god of the bible is no more than the Germanic king Gude who is following a lineage of deified rulers, some of whom are clearly serpentine in nature.  Solomon is, in fact, a major symbol of this king, while Sheba is a reference to a Queen of Upper Kemet.  Upper Kemet represents the black negus or Naga people.  Negus or Negusi is still the last name of royalty in Nubia.  Symbolically, Solomon (Lower Egypt) married Sheba (Upper Egypt), and their son Menelik, a pun on the cabalistic value MLK or Moloch, became the King of the Earth, ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt, or the upper and lower halves of the world.

There is so much here with this discovery since they are still in use.  You have the physical temple or body, the planetary temple, ancient temples, and brand-new Freemasonic or gothic temples.  The knowledge of how to manipulate an incarnation at the spirit level, and even change its ideas and desires, are in the hands of those managing many aspects of this world.  This technology of the “Creators” is in use, and most people in the world are now scripts or characters running inside of a mainframe-based on memories, waiting for the CPU/SUN to process them in the Cloud.


I’m not sure if humanity will ever be able to divine things like why Steve Jobs had a Steve Wozniak.  Clearly, “Steve” is a play on words. Steve produces a computer called Apple after visiting India and Egypt.  The Apple is bittenThe apple is the pentagram/Venus.  Steve Jobs is a reference to Saturn, lord of time, and “Jobs” refers to Job in the Bible who is actually talking to Saturn.  In Kemet, Set has the Was staff as Steve has Woz.  A Setian force, according to African shamans, lives in the ocean in Africa in a green/emerald city and produces all the technology there that is later used on the surface.  I heard this years ago but have found a great deal of info supporting this claim.  This is beyond “good” or “bad”, this is about existing beyond this vacuum culture.  Our families, women, and children are all really counting on us gaining the ability to fully crack this mystery and bring the solutions.


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